Hot Takes by the UCLA Heat Lab

About the Podcast

Welcome to the Hot Takes podcast by the UCLA Heat Lab. As global warming worsens, heat increasingly impacts people’s daily lives – influencing health, behavior, and more. But, we often aren’t very conscious about heat, and knowledge of it doesn’t get shared beyond academia and specialized fields. In every episode, our hosts engage different researchers, activists, or community members to share their work and how it can be applied in the real world. 

Thank you so much to TGIF who made the production of this podcast possible.

Ep 1: (re)Defining heat with Dr. Bharat Venkat
Ep 2: Throwing Shade at Shade Inequality with Sam Bloch

If you live in Los Angeles, or another super-hot city, you know how important shade is. Whether it’s a dog-owner trying to hop from one patch of shade to another to prevent burned paws, or an exhausted commuter hoping to grab a seat under a shaded bus shelter on the way home from work, everyone needs shade. In this episode with journalist Sam Bloch, we learn that not everyone has access to shade – and that this is often by design. Find our shownotes here